You can hardly find a diet in which fruits are not the priority. Having diets that contain fruits is helpful for the body and general health. It simply prevents an undeniable percentage of sicknesses. So, we can come to this conclusion that daily fruit intake is essential for health. However, some people are concerned about the sugar level in the fruits. Now, some questions come to our mind such as How much fruit we should get every day? and Does it harm if we take extra fruits?

Fruits, Suitable for Diabetics!

Eating fruits

even excessively, does not hurt your body or health. As long as you have an appetite, you can eat fruit. As the studies show, the low calories of the fruits will result in weight loss after a while. Apple, orange, and grip fruit compared to other fruits cause a long-lasting sense of fullness. The best result appears when you eat the fruit just as it is, fresh and complete since juices or smoothies are not as nutritious as the fruit itself. Most of the diabetic diets have a large number of fruits and vegetables according to the recommended dietary instructions. Diabetics should have fruit 2-4 times every day. This mentioned amount of fruit intake is also the advised amount for normal people; however, some people are still concerned about sugar level in fruits.

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 With attention to the researches, in this case, consuming whole fruits (not smoothies, or juices) does not increase the sugar level of blood. Furthermore, fruits are the rich sources of fiber, which means by eating them, the pace of sugar absorption and digestion reduces. As a matter of fact, the fiber of the fruits reduces the body resistance against insulin; thus the risk of diabetes type 2 will be lessened.

Question: Does eating too much fruit hurt?


eating too much fruit is difficult. Because there is a large portion of water and fiber in fruits that make you full after a few minutes. A research had been conducted over 10 people for two weeks, and 20 meals ( each 80 gr) were offered to them. The participants consumed the meals in a determined period. No harm came to them after eating 1600 gr fruits in a period. In another developed research, the researchers offered 20 meals (80 gr of fruits) to 17 people for several months. When the determined period finished, the participants had not any health issues just the same as those 10 participants of the mentioned experiment. Not only they didn’t face any problem, but they had better general health conditions than before.

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As has been noted, it is believed that fruit intake should not be excessively. Fruits don’t have any serious side effect, although it’s better to keep balance in eating them. Moreover, don’t forget to have other food substances in your diet. It’s so important to have a complete diet that includes all healthy and essential nutrients. Don’t stick to one thing in your diet since your body needs various foods.


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