All we need to know about fiber

Fiber is a kind of carbohydrate found in 3 main forms as below:

1) Soluble fiber

2) Insoluble fiber

3) Fermented fiber

Soluble fiber: This fiber dissolves in water and slows down the digestion process. It decreases the level of body cholesterol and blood sugar.

Insoluble fiber: This fiber does not dissolve in water and has a different role in the digestion process. It helps the bowel and ducts to work regularly so that we do not get constipated.

Fermented fiber: This fiber is both soluble and insoluble, but it is mostly considered as the soluble one. It helps to grow the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine.


fiber sources
List of some fiber sources
Foods that are high in fiber Amount per serving (in grams) each cup equals 224 gr.
Baked peas 8.8 g in each cup
Raspberries 8 g in each cup
Baked barley 6 g in each cup
Pear 5.5 g in each cup
Medium-sized apple with skin 4.4 g in each cup
Almond 3 g in each 28 g of almond ( 23 grains of almonds )

Kiwi, the best source of fiber and vitamins


is a delicious and popular fruit with high amounts of vitamin c, vitamin k, potassium, and other nutrients. Kiwi is a good source of fiber; therefore, it plays an important role in losing weight. One cup ( about 177 g ) of kiwi, can meet your 21% of your daily need for fiber. According to the studies that were done over 83 women, fiber-included diet is useful for decreasing appetite and food temptation. Moreover, diets with high amounts of fiber can help with weight loss, fat loss, and overall health. Furthermore, there is a specific type of fiber, named ” Pectin “. Pectin is effective in enhancing satiety, reducing appetite, and weight loss. By stimulating the movements of the gastrointestinal tract, pectin regulates the gastrointestinal function. Pectin is also known as a natural laxative.

fiber sources

As has been noted, kiwifruit is a rich source of various vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients. It helps you lose weight, keeps you healthy and fresh, and keeps you full during the day. Kiwi slices are also a very good choice for breakfast since they are fiber sources. You can also add them to your yogurt, smoothie, and breakfast cereal. Important to know that, consuming fruits such as apples, pear, and kiwi is more helpful than using fruit juices. Also, it’s better to drink water more when eating fiber-included foods. As a final hint, we recommend various cereals and grains more, than white bread or rice.