Vitamin E, Benefits, sources, and recommended amount

What is the adequate daily amount of vitamin E for adults?

According to the American nutritionists, receiving about 15 mg of vitamin E every day will be enough for the adults.

Vit E is not a rare nutrient since it can be found in so many food substances. For instance, edible oils, nuts, and seeds are known as the rich sources of vitamin.

Fruits, on the other hand, may have less amount of vitamin E than oils, nuts, and seeds, but they are high in fiber, antioxidants, and some other vitamins.

Vitamin E

Kiwi fruit (Kiwi) is one of those types of fruits which has about 1 mg of vitamin E in itself.
1 average-sized kiwi: 1 mg ( 7% daily value ) vitamin E.
100 g = 1.5 mg ( 10% daily value ) vitamin E. Besides, olive, apricot, avocado, etc. are also some examples of this vitamin sources.

Question: How to get your daily vitamin E from a healthy diet?

Vitamin E can be found in almost every food substance, that’s why fewer people lack this vitamin.

Increasing the receiving amount of the vitamin is not that much difficult it is possible without using pharmaceutical supplements. In fact, by adding a ripe kiwifruit to your daily diet, you can increase the process of saving vitamin  in your body.

Vitamin E

Why is it essential to get enough vitamin E every day?

Vitamin E

is an important substance that helps the functions of the body organs and slows down the aging process in a natural way.

Generally vitamins are the substances that the human body needs for growth and natural functioning. The human body needs 12 types of vitamins for its health. These 12 vitamin types are divided into 6 categories, which are vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. The above-mentioned vitamins can be highly found in apples, kiwi, dates, etc. The best way to get an adequate amount of these vitamins is to have an appropriate diet that includes various nutrients and healthy foods. Here, we mention some benefits of vitamin E for body and health:

Infinity Nuts. Vitamin
1) Balances cholesterol

2) Fights free radicals and prevents disease progression

3) Heals damaged skin

4) Strengthens hair

5) Regulates the hormones

6) Enhances vision

7) Helps with the Alzheimer’s patients

8) Strengthens physical fitness and muscles power

vitamin E

We have provided a full table of the daily needed amount of vitamin in different age groups.


1-3 years: 6 mg daily

4-8 years: 7 mg daily

9-13 years: 11 mg daily


18 years and older: 1000 mg daily


14 years & older: 15 mg

Pregnants: 15 mg

Lactating ones: 19 mg

It’s good to know that vit E is a fat-soluble

supplement and is better

absorbed if consumed with food.

Consuming this vitamin, whether by eating or applying, does not have any side effects for normal people.

Most people do not experience any harm by taking the recommended amount of vit E.

It’s essential to consume every food supplement enough since excessive consumption may cause sickness and health issues.