Honey a Marvelous Substance

Honey a Marvelous Substance In the 16th century, when sugar was not known, honey had been used as a sweetener among people.

production in Greece was high, so it was not a rare substance among greeks. Suger, various enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids are the nutrients in honey.

Although honey is different from other sweeteners, it should not be used excessively.

How Is Honey Produced?

Producing about 0.5 kg of honey needs 60 bees to fly 55 km and sit on over 2 million flowers to extract the nectar for that amount of honey. After collecting the needed amount of nectar, the bee saves it in its belly. The stored nectar mixes with the enzymes and returns to the mouth of the bee and transfers to the mouth of another one. This procedure repeats as much as the nectar digests and stores in the honeycomb. In the following, bees cool down the nectar by fluttering until the water vapors. As a result, a thick material appears, which we call honey. Beehive is made out of waxes which gets out of the bee’s belly and then stiffens.


” Honey away from air and moisture can be stored indefinitely, and it is a complete nutritious source for the bees in cold seasons. “

Live Science

There are more than 300 types of honey in the united states that each has a specific color and taste. Bright honey is derived from the orange blossoms and has a mild taste. On the contrary, dark honey is derived from wildflowers and has more aroma.

Raw and natural honey is very beneficial for overall body health. Here we go through some:

1) Honey cures wounds

2) Honey is an amazing medicine for cough

3) Honey is a good energizer

4) Honey relieves allergies and sensitivities.

According to the researchers, 30% of allergy symptoms and 70% of severe allergy symptoms, decreased while eating honey daily for a few weeks. As a result, 50% of anti-histamine pills reduced. Honey is a good substitute for anti-histamine.

5) Honey cures dandruff

Honey diluted with warm water is effective in healing seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff and itching. In one trial using this method, all participants with this problem were treated every day for 3 weeks. According to the results:

Honey a Marvelous Substance
” The patients itching and dandruff vanished within a week. Besides, skin lesions healed completely after 2 weeks. “

Live Science

6) Honey treats herpes

High-quality and natural honey supplied by Infinity Nuts can be a medicine for wounds and herpes. Why? Here are the reasons:

1) Dries up the fluid from the wounds
2) The high sugar content of organic honey prevents the growth of microorganisms.
3) Worker bees secrete glucose oxide enzyme into nectar, which releases hydrogen peroxide after the honey is deposited, hydrogen peroxide has antimicrobial activity.

Natural or Processed Honey?!

Honey has special popularity among the natural sweeteners.

The most important point is that not all types of honey are the same. Antibacterial properties of some types of honey are 100 times stronger than the other types, while processed honey loses so many of its benefits. Medium grade honey found in stores is likely to be refined. The results of experiments conducted in the united states to detect natural or processed honey in a 60 package of samples:
75% of the honey found in the supermarkets of the US, were processed in a way that more than 90% of their health benefits had gone, and they have been imported through the country in barrels illicitly. Most of the fake honey, are produced in China, and some dealers cover the jars with fake stickers. FSN laboratory discovered some facts in its studies:

76% of the sampled honey purchased from hypermarkets, lacked pollen.

77% of the honey in large groceries such as Walmart also lacked pollen.

100% honey purchased from drugstores also lacked pollen.

Honey a Marvelous Substance

With this in mind, be aware when you want to buy honey. Buy the honey that is natural, non-refined, and full of benefits. Honey is a natural valuable substance, but 53% of its content is fructose and in each teaspoon, there is about 4gr of fructose.

This means excessive consumption may increase the insulin resistance of your body. Therefore, be careful about the amount of your daily fructose intake. This should be less than 25 gr each day.

Source: mercola.com