About 80% of honey has sucrose, fructose, and glucose, and the rest has water and other nutrients. Sucrose is a type of carbohydrate that exists in many industrial and natural food substances. Sucrose is the sugar substance about which we all know. It provides the energy needed for the body.

Honey General Categories

Honey Specifications : Honey General Categories

Honey has three categories: natural honey, nutritional honey, and counterfeit honey.

Natural honey is the product of the honeybees. The bees go out of the hive to feed on the nectar of flowers, plants, and produce natural honey.

The nectar that feeds on bees contains up to 60% sucrose.

On the way back to the hive, the bee turns part of the sucrose into glucose and fructose.

That’s why the percentage of natural sucrose in honey is low.

Nutritional honey is

also the product of the bees, but the difference is that the bee food is no longer nectar from flowers and plants.

In the production of this honey, bee food is a solution of water and sugar that the beekeeper has given.

Therefore, bees do not have the opportunity to work and convert sucrose to glucose and fructose, because their nutrition is sugar or pure sucrose, and the bee is close to the hive and has less time for enzymatic activity and conversion of sucrose to fructose and glucose. As a result, sucrose content is higher in nutritional honey than natural honey.

The third category of honey is counterfeit honey.

Bees do not make this type of honey at all. By mixing different substances such as sugar, water, and food coloring, we can make counterfeit honey.

So, first of all, the ratio of its constituent substances is not at all similar to natural honey,

and more importantly, its diastase is zero.

Diastases are enzymes

that bees add when they are converting nectar into honey. So, counterfeit honey lacks diastases.


Another Category of Honey

Another Category of Honey

Honey generally has two groups: mono flowers and poly flowers.

The bees that use a wide variety of plants, produce multi-plant honey or poly flowers honey.

And if the bees only use one type of flower and plant, mono flower honey appears.

Of course, in this type of naming, the predominant nectar is determinative, such as citrus honey, which is the outcome of citrus orchards, or alfalfa honey, which is the product of alfalfa fields. Because a bee cannot use only one type of flower and plant. Here are some examples below.

Here are some examples below.

Thyme honey

Thyme honey is as one of the most famous kinds of honey

in the middle east, which is an energizer and is useful for treating respiratory problems,

relieving coughs and sore throats, as well as treating wounds.

Coriander honey

It has a special and different taste compared to multi-flower honey and common honey in the market. Its properties include appetite suppressants, treatment of stomach problems, and treatment of colds.

Chamomile honey

 Chamomile honey has a wonderful aroma and flavor and helps treat inflammation of the brain,

various types of swelling, fever, migraines, headaches, osteoarthritis, and hypersensitivity.

Citrus honey

 Another name for it is spring orange, honey. It has a wonderful aroma and smell; it mostly grows in the north of the country. Besides, this type of honey is suitable for children.

Honey Specifications

What is the definitive way to detect natural honey?

What is the definitive way to detect natural honey?

Now that you know what honey is made of and how it is produced, we have to tell you that

there is only one definitive and valid way to detect natural honey specifications.

Important to know that, you can’t tell the amount of sucrose or diastase in honey by tasting or smelling it.

Testing honey in reputable honey labs is the only definitive way to determine its quality and honey specifications.

The honey test determines the percentage of honey specifications and ingredients

such as sucrose and diastase, and it can also tell us whether the honey is natural, nutritional, or counterfeit.

Infinity Nuts, send its clients the certification of honey specifications and laboratory test.

Infinity Nuts provides natural and high-quality honey with the laboratory certification for customers all around the world. For more info,

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Infinity Nuts provides natural and high-quality honey with the laboratory certification for customers all around the world. For more info,

please contact our sales agents.