Detox water & Fruit slices: Incredible Combination!

Detox or detoxifying water is a healthy and organic drink that has amazing benefits for the body and health. This drink is made out of different fruits and vegetables in water or green tea. Fruits such as apple, kiwi, orange, cucumber, and strawberries are highly used in making detox drink. Here, we offer you one type of detox water that is both simple and beneficial.


Apple Detox Water

Properties: This drink helps the body to be detoxified. Moreover, it nourishes the cells and strengthens the immune system. For making this drink, adding some apple slices into water is enough. Just wait for some minutes, then you can have your apple detox drink. To have a more nutritious drink, you can add mint, lemon, Celery, etc. Here are some options that you can choose from.

1) Apple And Orange Mixed

2) Apple And Grapefruit Mixed

3) Apple And Cinnamon Mixed



Kiwi detox drink is also simple and helpful. The structure is just like the apple detox water. By adding the fruit slices to your green tea or water you can have a detox drink. For kiwi detox drink, you can also add lemon slices, mint, or cucumber if you like. Try these simple recipes to detoxify your system fasten weight loss. It is important to have these drinks enough because excessive consumption may have side effects.