Iranian raisins’ benefits


Iranian raisins’ benefits are the topic of the following article. However, first, let’s get some more information about harvesting Iranian raisins. Early September to mid-October is the time to harvest grapes. At this time of year, the grapes are at their sweetest. Bunches of grapes are picked by farm workers and placed on paper trays. If the weather is good, they dry the grapes on these trays for two to four weeks. During this period, the humidity level of the grapes decreases from 75% to below 15%, and the color of the fruit changes to a purple-brown color.

They collect the trays at night to prevent moths from attacking or dust and pollution from sitting on them. Compounds are used in some paper trays that kill annoying insects and prevent damage to the grapes. After drying the grapes, they collect the surrounding paper to resemble a package. Then they put the packages in the box to be sent by truck to the processing plant.

Top raisin-producing countries




Iran has managed to stand in third place in the production of raisins in the world. The main production of Iranian raisins is specific to sour, golden, green and yellow raisins. According to the obtained statistics, Iran supplies 27% of the world’s exported them. The other suppliers for raisins are Uzbekistan, Chile, South Africa, Afghanistan, and Greece. These countries produce and export 28,000 to 35,000 tons of raisins every year.

Iranian raisins benefits and processing methods

The processing methods are different according to the type of raisin in each region. One of the most common methods is to acidify raisins. Raisin processing methods in Iran are mostly in acidic industrial mode. (Using alkaline solution to quickly dry raisins) or golden (using sulfur smoke). Traditionally, grapes are transformed into raisins by sunlight or by spreading them under the shade using open air. This method is very time-consuming and prolongs production. Moreover, in this method, places such as halls or large sheds are essential.

Some of the Iranian raisins benefits are as follows:

Treatment of constipation

Improve sexual problems

Maintain hair color

Lose and gain weight

Clarification of facial skin

Treatment of flatulence

Digestive Health

Reduce the risk of heart disease

Liver detoxification

Suitable for heavy sports

Anti-cancer properties

Nutritional Value

This dried fruit is rich in minerals that have countless properties. By using this fruit, you can cure many of your diseases. The properties of them are due to their extraordinary compounds, which are rich in minerals.

The nutritional value of 100 grams of this dried fruit has 295 calories.

The ingredients of 100 grams are:

  • Potassium for 23%
  • Carbohydrate 26%
  • Vitamin C 9%
  • Magnesium 7%
  • Vitamin B12 for 10%
  • The fiber in this fruit is 28%
  • 5% protein
  • Calcium 2%



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