Iranian raisins suppliers

Iranian raisins suppliers are the topic of the following article. Respectively, we will review the

overall characteristics of this wonderful fruit. Generally speaking, most raisins are small, dark,

and wrinkled; their taste is similar to the grapes from which we make them. However, their sweetness changes depending on the type of drying process. Due to low humidity and

PH, they are slow to spoil and are a natural and healthy food.

They composed raisins of essential food elements, such as sugars, fruit acids, and mineral salts. Important to know that sugars are a great source of carbohydrates. Besides, fruit acids,

such as folic acid and pantothenic acid, which promote growth, are among the significant elements of raisin. Vitamin B6 in them is also an important part of human nutrition. The minerals include calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. In addition, iron, copper, zinc and

other nutrients are also in small amounts in raisins. The presence of the mentioned

ingredients and the lack of fat makes this dried fruit a healthy snack.

Iranian raisins suppliers and other producers in the world

In America, they grow most of the grapes for making raisins in California. To be more specific, this region has an ideal climate for growing grapes, as it has sunny summers and mild winters. Greece, Australia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan are five other countries that

produce a significant amount of them. Each of these countries has its raisin type they produce.

History of raisin fruit


-History of Iranian raisins suppliers 

The accident discovered probably the method of drying grapes. We believe that our

ancestors tasted the fruits that were dried in the sun and fell off the branch and after

realizing their sweetness and good taste; they discovered it. Evidence shows that the

Egyptians first produced raisins two thousand years ago. They specifically mentioned

raisins in ancient writings and it shows that they also used them for treating diseases.

During the past centuries, winemaking was the most popular use of grapes and a small

amount of these grapes were turned into raisins. In the late 1800s, Spanish missionaries

from Mexico brought grapes to the Americas. Many of the vineyards built by these

missionaries in California are still producing grapes. They primarily used these

vineyards for wine production; however, in 1873, when vineyard owners discovered

that they could make more money by making raisins, they created the raisin industry.

Raw material for the production 


-More about the Iranian raisins suppliers 

As mentioned before, the primary ingredient for making raisins is grapes. More than 1,814.36

grams of fresh grapes are necessary to prepare 453.59 grams of raisins. To produce quality them, these grapes must have special characteristics; for example, they should ripen quickly

and dry easily. The most important grapes for raisin production are seedless

Thompson grapes, Fiesta, Muscat, and Royal grapes (Sultani).

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