Dates price for import & export
Dates price depends on some important factors as come below:

1) Supplements and demands rate
2) Dates harvesting
3) exchange rate
and economics all affect the final dates price.

Infinity Nuts fulfills the Incoterm 2010 international trades and export conditions. Besides, Infinity Nuts will update its contract terms in the mid- 2020 according to Incoterms 2020. As a brief definition of Incoterms, we can say that incoterms are considered as a set of rules which clarify the responsibilities of both sellers and buyers under the sales contracts. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has announced the incoterms which are now mainly used in commercial trades. Incoterms are valid for shipping, insurance, and taxes on the commodities. As a benefit of the incoterms, we can mention the reduction of the prosecutions and ambiguity among the buyers and sellers.

Incoterms can be classified as below according to the mode of transport:

CPT Carriage Paid To

CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid To

Incoterms that apply to sea and inland waterway transport are as below:

FOB Free On Board

CFR Cost and Freight

CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight

What are ” BUYER”, ” SELLER ” and ” PRODUCTS”? 

SELLER: Infinity Nuts who supplies and exports various types of dates, honey, and fresh fruits.

BUYER: The person or business group who buys the abovementioned products. As described in Infinity Nuts company’s written quotation (offer and/or Pro-forma invoice or any similar document and includes its assignee (s) in the title.

1) FOB  Price

2) CNF  Price

3) CFR  Price

4) CIF  Price


FOB price

To elaborate, FOB stands for Free on Board price. The product will be delivered on the shipboard. The customer is in charge of the product transporting procedures.

In this case, the booking customer will receive the required containers from the shipping, and provide Infinity Nuts with a prepayment. After the commodity is being loaded, the customer will receive the copy custom clearance and pay the total expense.

CFR/ CNF price

CFR & CNF stands for cost and freight which both are similar to each other. In this incoterm method, Infinity Nuts as a supplier agent will guarantee the product and shipping costs.

Infinity Nuts responsibly commits the best possible shipping cost and port of discharge for its customers. Consequently, the customer will pay the rest of the payment on the Draft of Bill of Lading after the repayment.

Bill of Lading Draft indicates some information such as ship name, shipping time, voyage number, number and amount of the commodity. The BL (Bill of Lading) draft will be present in the destination of the customer under the specific consignee and notify the party.

CIF price

Is the abbreviated form of Cost, Insurance and Freight price. In this method, in addition to shipping and freight costs, the commodity will be insured by the marine international insurance and the customer will receive the goods with safe arrival commitment.


In all the above-mentioned methods, Local Charge Port of Loading including (Terminal Handling Charge (THC)) and every payment due to the customer and supplier agreement is on the supplier’s responsibility. A supplier should accept the problematic matters which may happen in the demurrage if the cause comes from the supplier. If the customer postpones the payment, he will be charged.