About us

Infinity Galaxy is an international registered brand that has started its activity in 2012 under the name of “Galaxy Energy” and then switched to “Infinity Galaxy” in 09/09/2016. It is a leading Dubai-based company and a globally renowned business entity dealing with Petroleum products. Infinity Galaxy also entered the field of supplying and exporting dates, fresh fruit and some more.  It started its activity under the title of Infinity Nuts in 2017.

Infinity Nuts provides fresh fruits such as apples, and kiwi, and different types of dates such as Mazzafati, Shahani, Piyarom, Zahedi and some more. Infinity Nuts also supplies rosebuds, rose water, and honey all in high quality and proper price. It’s been about 4 years that Infinity Nuts is exporting foodstuffs mostly Mazzafati and Zahedi dates. Infinity Nuts is a reliable supplier that offers its products in the most appropriate price.