Dates Packages

5 Kg Packages

5 kg package grade A

5 Kg

For Grade A Mazafati

5 kg package grade b+++

5 Kg

For Grade B+++ Mazafati

5 kg package grade B

5 Kg

For Grade B Mazafati

More about our 5 KG packages

Carton Size

The 5 kg carton packing’s weight is about 300 to 500 gr and the net weight is about 5 kg±150. Before filling them with dates, we place a nylon to the carton to prevent the dates sticking to cartons.

The dimension of the packing is as below:

  • Length: 39.5 cm 
  • Width: 27.8 cm 
  • Height: 8.8

Material Quality

We provide 5 kg cartons in both 3-ply and 5-ply packings.

The 3-ply cartons are recommended for B and B+++ grade dates as well as dry varieties.

The 5-ply cartons are known for their strength and flexibility, especially suitable for moist dates like Bam Mazafati and A-grade dates. 


The 5 kg carton’s lids cannot be removed and are placed on the box itself. There is no need for glue or stapling to secure the carton lid.

7 Kg Packages

7 kg package

7 Kg

Mother Carton

7 kg Master/ Mother Carton

Carton Size

The 7 kg carton packing’s weight is about 800 to 900 gr and the net weight is about 7 to 7.8 kg . In this packing, 12 baby cartons can be placed. The lid of these packing is on the top of the carton which can be easily used.

The dimension of the packing is as below:

  • Length: 32.5 cm 
  • Width: 20.2 cm 
  • Height: 18.8 cm

Material Quality

These cartons are made from strong cardboard. 


The sealing procedures of 7kg cartons are done by shrinking the external layer of cartons and taping the top and bottom flats of them. 

Baby Cartons

Each cardboard baby carton capacity is 600 gr dates. Dates will be placed in this nylon then transferred to the baby cartons. The specifications of the baby cartons is:

  • Length: 15.5 cm 
  • Width: 10 cm 
  • Height: 5.6 cm 

Labeling 5 KG and 7 KG Packing

As all the cartons should have specific details, we stick labels on all 5kg and 7 kg mother cartons and mention some items including importer, exporter, commodity name, weight, packing date and time, batch no., etc.


Quality Control

When the dates are transferred to the cold storage, the standard inspector visits the cargo and takes one or two random cartons to the laboratory to be fully inspected.  There, they analyze many items such as the originality of dates, their quality grade, the type, the purity, etc. If they certify the samples, then the export procedures for the commodities will start.  

Packing Customization

According to customers’ requests, it is feasible to customize the 5 kg cartons packages and print their brand and data on the packings. But for the 7 kg mother carton which includes 12 baby cartons is not acceptable.  

Packing Type





5 kg carton

5 kg package grade A

Length: 39.5 cm
Width: 27.8 cm
Height: 8.8
Net Weight: 5 kg±150
Package Weight: 300-500 gr



7 kg carton includes 12 baby cartons

7 kg package

Length: 32.5 cm
Width: 20.2 cm
Height: 18.8 cm
Net Weight: 7-7.8 kg
Package Weight: 800-900 gr

Baby carton dimensions:

15.5*10*5.6 cm3



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