Iran dates exporter

Iran dates exporter : Having 240,000 hectares of date cultivation area and an annual production of more than one million tons,

dates exporter are pioneers in the field of exporting dates to many countries. Moreover,

Iran is the second-largest producer of this product in the world after Egypt. After Iran dates exporter, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE, and Pakistan

are the most important producers of dates in the world.

In the global ranking of date exports, Iran is the third one in the world in date exports with more than 400,000 tons of dates.

In the following, we become more familiar with Iran dates production, different types of dates and the largest importers of this fruit in the world.

Iran global rate

Iran dates production global ranking

The first thing to mention is the fact that Iran ranks first in the world in terms of date fruit

fields and large quantities of this product that enter the markets of other countries every year. Iran dates exporter

supplies various types of dates such as Mazafati, Pyarom, Shahani, Rabee, Kabkab, and some other.

To put it differently, among all the Iranian date fruit types, the best of which are Pyarom, Medjool, Mazafati and Zahedi, which are in the highest demand in the world markets.

Now, let’s get to know more about some of these types.

  • Mazafati dates

Iranian farmers cultivate this type usually in the Bam city of Kerman province and neighboring cities which has the highest production in all types of dates exported from Iran. It has a soft texture, medium size, 20% moisture with thin and black skin, with a good taste. As estimated, they harvest more than 100,000 hundred thousand tons of Mazafati dates in Kerman province.

Needless to mention that Mazafati dates, which are better known in India as Kimia dates, have the highest volume of exports.

They are highly popular among consumers due to its special and delicious taste.

Interestingly, the people of India also have a special interest in this type, so that every year

a high tonnage of this date is among the people of India. It is interesting to know that Mazafati is the most popular

date in Iran and the same Mazafati date is popular among the people of Iran.

  • Pyarom dates

Pyarom dates are one of the best and most expensive cultivars and types of dates for Iran dates exporter.

Hormozgan province of Iran is the main city for the production of this type. The size of Pyarom dates is medium to large with a brown color and is usually good for a snack.

The moisture content of Pyarom dates is about 15% and in the category of semi-dry dates, it has thin wrinkled skin. Pyarom dates are suitable for diabetics.

  • Medjool dates

As a matter of fact, this type is also one of the most well-known dates in the international market

and is the best date fruit in the world, which is priced at about $ 20 per kilogram in the consumer markets.

Dates large importers

What are the largest importer of date fruit?

The most important destinations for Iranian dates are the following countries:

  • Emirates
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • India

From the above countries, date exports to the UAE with 17% of the total date export statistics, have the highest amount,

followed by date exports to Pakistan with 11% in second place and date exports to Russia with 9% in third place.

Importing the fruit, India has the highest import rate in the world with 15%.

Morocco and the UAE are next to date imports.

Moreover, the UAE seems to supply part of its export dates through imports.

In fact, it imports dates from other countries and re-exports them.

On the other hand, the US market has the highest annual and five-year growth in date imports.

Morocco, Indonesia, Germany, Canada, Turkey, France and the United Kingdom are next.

In this regard, India, UAE, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Kuwait and Qatar in Asia

are also good export destinations for date exports from Iran.

Russia has also demand for some types of dates.


Iran dates exporter

More about India, the main customer of date fruit

India shows the biggest difference between the export potential and the real export in terms of value, the remaining export capacity is worth $ 53.0 million.

This product is one of the most suitable foods for export because it does not spoil quickly and this makes transportation easier.

There are many countries in the world that are eager to import Iranian dates to their country.

According to official statistics, with $ 19 million, buying dates from Iran, India has the highest profit among date buyers.

Due to India’s population of 1.4 billion and India’s 200 million Muslims, it shows the country’s high import capacity.

In fact, the people of India are highly interested in Iranian dates.

It is interesting to know that Mumbai alone has a population of 25 million,

which shows how high India has the capacity to import dates from Iran.

The Indians have good knowledge about Iranian dates.

They know about the quality of dates produced by Iran, the global reputation of Iranian dates

and the proximity of the sea all of which have an important role in exporting dates to India.

Among the dates exported to India, the highest amount of them is Mazafati and the lowest amount is actually Pyarom.