Iranian Dates

Iranian Dates

Iranian Dates! This high-quality fruit grows in tropical and subtropical regions

and has different types. Date fruit has many health benefits, including

treating constipation, bowel disorders, heart problems, anemia, sexual dysfunction, diarrhea, gastrointestinal cancer, and many other physical problems. They are also useful for weight gain. This nutrient is rich in a

variety of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. This delicious fruit contains oil,

calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and magnesium, all of which are good for maintaining good health. According to some health experts, consuming one date a day is essential for a balanced

and healthy diet.

We intend to introduce you to different types of dates in Iran and the world. As you may know, Iran is one country where dates are in its southern regions.Iran is one of the famous producers of Iranian dates in the world and has

always been able to easily meet the needs of various countries in the

field of dates by producing a large portion of them. But it is not only Iran

that operates in the dates market, other dates-producing countries,including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, and India, also attend this market.Needless to mention, there are various types of dates in the world. About

3,000 types of dates exist in the world. In Iran, there are 300–400 types

of Iranian dates of which only 10–30 are popular. Iranian dates are

outstanding in the global market since they have high quality, pleasant taste,

and reasonable prices. To be more specific, two types of this fruit are

more popular than the others. These two are Mazafati and Pyarom.


Mazafati Dates
Iranian Dates

Mazafati dates

This type is the most widely consumed in Iran. Iran exports Mazafati to India, Turkey, and other countries in the world, since this type has high demand in the global market. It is also interesting to know that, this date has other names which are: Kimia, black date, and Bam.


Iranian Dates

Pyarom dates

Pyarom is the most expensive type, not only in Iran but in the world. This is a semi-dry date of which the skin and the flesh easily separate, and for

short-term consumption does not require refrigeration. This date is the

product of Hajiabad city in the Hormozgan Province of Iran. Pyarom dates

have a high demand in European countries. It’s good to know that

pyarom has a higher price than the other types since they are not

cultivated on a large scale.

The human body can easily consume Pyarom date fruit because their

sugar is fructose and is suitable for all even diabetics. The antioxidants in

this type can help prevent oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress

causes heart disease, cancer, and brain problems. Major antioxidants

contain carotenoids, folic acid, and yolk. These substances can prevent inflammation and cancer and protect the brain. Researches on dried fruits

such as prunes, dried figs, and Iranian dates show that the antioxidant

content of dates is the highest among all other options.


Iranian dates & their uses in cooking

It is possible to add dates to a variety of smoothies, sauces, condiments, desserts, and more. The presence of them in chocolates, all kinds of sweets and bread is also excellent. Something can also stuff the inside of this fruit such as walnuts, peanuts, cheese, cooked rice, and much more.

It’s important to Keep dates cool and dry. Putting dates in the refrigerator and a sealed container will keep it moist.


Dates exports

Date exports have grown exponentially in recent years. In the last few years, Iranian suppliers have exported Iranian dates to more countries

and have attracted new markets. Exporting this food substance to India is

very profitable for the suppliers. In fact, India is the largest buyer of Iranian dates. According to India’s population of 1.4 billion and India’s 200 million

Muslims, Iranian dates such as Pyarom, Mazafati, Lulu, and some more

are highly prevalent in India. Moreover, the city of Mumbai itself has a population of 25 million, which shows how high India can import dates from Iran.




Export of date fruit from Iran to India

With a history of many years of exporting dates to India and familiarity with all export laws to India, and taking part in most food fairs,

Infinity Nuts has a favorable position in exporting dates to India. Due to the economic situation in India, dates are one of the most consumed foods

because many people cannot buy expensive food substances. It’s helpful to

know that, in India, many people refer to Mazafati dates as Kimia , and Pyarom dates are also known as Maryam.


Import of Mazafati to India

Mazafati, better known in India as Kimia dates, have the largest export

volume among Iranian dates to India. Due to its special and delicious

taste, Mazafati is very popular among date consumers. Indians are also

interested in this type, which is the product of the city of Bam in

Kerman province in Iran. Mazafati has different grades, which are different in price. First-grade Mazafati has the highest price among Mazafati types,

and many foreign buyers are looking to buy them. Infinity Nuts, with its

cold store in Bam, which produces Mazafati dates, can provide you with a

high tonnage of Mazafati with the best quality, the most stylish packaging, and the most reasonable price. For more information, please contact our sales agents.

In sum, date fruit has many types, benefits, and distinct shapes and forms. As we have mentioned, each of them has some uses and specifications. However,

all of them are mutual in having anti-oxidants, minerals, fiber and natural sugar. It’s also needless to mention that the middle east is the source of this

amazing fruit since the Mideast countries have many exports to different countries.

Iranian Dates