Mazafati dates

Mazafati Dates

Grade: A, B+++, B
Packages: 5 kg, 7 kg
Origin: Bam


Grade A 5Kg
1631 $ Per M/T FOB

Grade B+++ 5Kg
1264 $ Per M/T FOB

Grade B 5Kg
1031 $ Per M/T FOB

Grade A 7Kg
1529 $ Per M/T FOB

About Mazafati Dates

Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates are also called “Bam Dates,” or “Kimia Dates”. This date originates from Bam in Kerman, Iran.

The harvest time of Mazafati usually begins in August to mid-October.

Mazafati has two different types of 5 kg carton and 7 kg master carton which includes 12 baby cartons with a capacity of 600 gr.

The suitable temperature for keeping Mazafati is from -5°C to +5°C.


PropertiesGrade AGrade B+++Grade B
ColorDark brown – BlackDark brownDark brown
Size3 – 4.5 cm2 – 3 cm2 – 3 cm
SkinSemi-dry / WetSemi-dryDry
Dry/Wet20 – 30%10 – 15%Less than 10%
MoistureBam, IranBam and the surrounding areas, KermanBam and the surrounding areas, Kerman
Origin5 kg – 7 kg5 kg5 kg
PackingReef containerReef / Normal containerNormal container
Shipment20 – 40 foot20 – 40 foot20 – 40 foot
Container Cpacity15 Container/Month15 Container/Month15 Container/Month

Mazafati Packing

Packing Types

Packing Image


5 Kg Carton5 kg package grade A

Length: 39.5 cm
Width: 27.8 cm
Height: 8.8
Net Weight: 5 kg±150
Package Weight: 300-500 gr

7 KG Mother Carton includes Baby Cartons7 kg package

Length: 32.5 cm
Width: 20.2 cm
Height: 18.8 cm
Net Weight: 7-7.8 kg
Package Weight: 800-900 gr

Baby carton dimensions:

15.5*10*5.6 cm3

Why Infinity Nuts Dates?

As one of the experienced suppliers of Iranian Mazafati dates, we actively supply premium fresh dates from Bam in Iran in all seasons of the year. 

We are committed to using suitable methods of sorting and transporting Iranian Mazafati dates, to provide you with the highest quality dates. 

Generally, before finalizing your purchase, we will send you the updated photos and videos of Mazafati dates, so that after you confirm the quality, we can proceed with the rest of your purchase process.

Purchase Process

Purchase Process
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the best tasting dates


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7 kg package

7 Kg

Garde : A

5 kg package grade A

5 Kg

Garde : A

5 kg package grade b+++

5 Kg

Garde : B+++

5 kg package grade B

5 Kg

Garde : B

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