Shahani dates

As you might guess, Shahani dates are the fruit of the palm tree and

they usually grow in tropical regions of the world. While water makes up the

bulk of the fruit, about 70% of the weight of dates is sugar and has a

fleshy texture. It’s also worth mentioning that Shahani dates are mostly

available in two types of dried and fresh dates. Moreover, Shahani dates are

rich in minerals and can provide much of the calories your body needs. Many people are unaware of the caloric content of dates and their value,

in this article; we will get acquainted with the nutritional value and

calories of dates.

Everything about Shahani dates and their calories

As we have mentioned many times in our other articles,

Shahani dates are rich in potassium. This mineral is essential for the body for

the following reasons:

  • Muscle Building
  • Fluid balance control
  • Adjust heart rate and blood pressure
  • Prevent stroke and heart disease

In fact, four dates provide about 668 milligrams of potassium or 14

percent of the daily requirement of potassium. About 12 percent of the

daily requirement of niacin, a critical vitamin that the body needs to

break down food. Dates also contain amounts of vitamin B6,

which the body needs to build muscle and grow hair and nails. Dates also contain vitamin A,

which is essential to protect the eyes,

skin and mucous membranes. Shahani dates are an excellent

source of iron, which provides 11% of the daily allowance of iron. Additionally, Iron is essential for making red blood cells and

helps them carry oxygen to the body’s cells.

Vitamins and minerals in Shahani dates


Eating just four dates can provide the body with 6.4 grams of fiber. For men,

21% of the recommended amount. For women, up to 30% of the daily

amount of fiber is good, depending on age,

more fiber helps reduce digestion, and the digestive system works better

and can prevent constipation. In addition to the above, fiber keeps people

full for a long time and helps lower cholesterol levels, especially bad cholesterol.

2. Sugar and calories in dates

While most fiber-rich foods help, you lose weight, Shahani dates

are not a low-calorie food. This is because of their high carbohydrate and

sugar content. There are 266 calories in four dates and it has about

64 grams of sugar. If you are on a diet, it’s better to stick to fresh fruits

such as apples and berries.

3. Antioxidants in dates

The ingredients in dates include tannins, a type of natural antioxidant

known as polyphenols. Tannins are good for preventing cell damage

since they have anti-inflammatory properties. It even prevents cancer. Researches have shown that in Saudi Arabia,

where dates are more available,

cancer is far less common than in the United States.

4. Burning fat

To your surprise, the average amount of calories per one date is 20 kcal of energy. In fact, the walking rate to burn the energy of this food

= 7 minutes and 3 seconds.

In the following, we have brought the complete information in this regard.

Calories per 100 grams of dried dates 310 kcal of energy

Walking rate to burn the energy of this food = 1 hour, 49 minutes and 25 seconds

Calories per 100 grams of Shahani dates with 240 kcal of energy

Walking rate to burn the energy of this food = 1 hour, 24 minutes and

42 seconds

Calories per 100 grams of fresh dates (rotab) 140 kcal of energy

Walking rate to burn the energy of this food = 49 minutes and 25


The amount of calories per one glass of dates is 505 kcal of energy

Walking rate to burn energy of this food = 2 hours,

58 minutes and 14 seconds

Properties of dates

  • Constipation treatment
  • Regulation of blood cholesterol
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Maintain heart health
  • Bone strength
  • Increase male fertility
  • Alzheimer’s prevention
  • Prevention of colon cancer
  • Weight Gain
  • Provide the body with the energy it needs
  • Prevent night blindness
  • Liver detoxification
  • Prevention of hemorrhoids
  • Prevention of hair loss

The last word

Keep in mind that dried Shahani dates have more calories than dates

so that every 100 grams of dried dates has 319 calories and every 100

grams of dates has 282 calories. However, the antioxidants, fiber and minerals

in dates make it a healthy food for the body. As you know,

there are several ways to add dates to the diet, one of the most popular

ways is to use dates as a sweetener in various foods. We can also add dates

to snacks and replaced them with walnut kernels to increase their

nutritional value. Now, let’s see what are the advantages of

Shahani dates and walnuts for us.

Unique properties of Shahani dates with walnuts

  • Increases happiness and drastically reduces fatigue
  • Walnut phosphorus is high
  • Reduces dehydration headaches

Consume walnuts with Shahani dates

In fact, the benefits of dates are so great that if you eat a date every day

and count one of its properties, at the end of the year, the days will still

decrease and the properties of dates will not end. Besides, they increase

bone health and strength. The presence of significant amounts of

minerals in dates has made this nutritious fruit a useful superfood

for strengthening bones and fighting painful and

debilitating diseases such as osteoporosis.