Shahani dates

Shahani Dates

Grade: A, B+++, B
Packages: 5 kg, 7 kg
Origin: Jahrom


Grade A
581 $ Per M/T FOB

About Shahani Dates

Shahani date about

We supply Shahani dates from Fars province.

This type of date is typically dark brown and its harvest time is in the late summer.  

This date is very sweet, so it should be stored in a well-ventilated place away from sunlight to remain healthy. 

The storage temperature should be in the range -5°C to 10°C.

Shahani dates are often processed by pressing. After pressing, they are wrapped in clean nylon and packaged in 5 kg packages. These dates are sticky and wet, so reef containers are recommended for their transportation.

PropertiesPressed Shahani


Light brown – Golden 


3 -4  cm




Sticky / Juicy 




25 – 30%




5 kg  / 3 kg / 2 kg 


Reef container

Container Capacity 

20 – 40 foot

Supply Capacity 

15 Container/Month

Storage Temperature 

 -5°C to 10°C                        

Shahani Packing

Packing Types

Packing Image


5 KG Carton 

5 kg package grade A

Length: 39.5 cm 

Width: 27.8 cm 

Height: 8.8 cm

Weight: 300-500 gr  

3 KG Carton

3 kg packing

Length: 20 cm 

Width: 13 cm 

Height: 9 cm 

2 KG Carton

2 kg packing

Length: 16.5 cm 

Width: 11.5 cm 

Height: 9 cm

Why Infinity Nuts Dates?

We’re an experienced supplier of high-quality Iranian Shahani dates from the Fars region. Our priority is ensuring top quality through suitable sorting and transporting methods.

Before you make a purchase, we’ll send you updated photos and videos of the Shahani dates, so you can confirm their quality. Once you’re satisfied with the quality, we’ll proceed with the buying process.

We prepare all the necessary paperwork, like Phyto, CO, and Fumigation certificates. Also, we have a representative on-site at the date groves, and we provide you with regular updates on each stage of the process.

Purchase Process

Purchase Process

Shahani Dates Supplier in the Middle East

It has been 5 years that we have been supplying dates for Asian customers. We are interested in starting our long-term business relationship with importers worldwide.

If you have any orders or want to get the latest Shahani price, keep in touch via WhatsApp or by filling out the form below.

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7 kg package

7 Kg

Garde : A

5 kg package grade A

5 Kg

Garde : A

5 kg package grade b+++

5 Kg

Garde : B+++

5 kg package grade B

5 Kg

Garde : B

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