Pink salt

Due to its medicinal properties, pink salt is a natural treatment for

psoriasis (chronic autoimmune skin disease) and in patients,

suffering from skin problems such as itchy skin or scaling,

treatment with pink salt has been very effective. Furthermore, in patients

with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, balneotherapy is suitable, in which

they use pink salt in a mud and sulfur bath. Consequently, this method

shows promising results due to the reduction of spinal cord pain and

increased spinal flexibility.

Benefits for body and well-being


1. Reduce the risk of osteoarthritis

Studies show that people who suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee will be

better off after using pink salt balneotherapy. In addition,

this group of patients, unlike those who used a regular sodium

chloride salt bath, could maintain symptoms of recovery even after a few weeks.

2. Treatment of sinusitis

Surprisingly, the researchers found that the use of this salt solution

could be effective in treating sinusitis. Moreover, studies show that

nasal sprays that contain this type of salt relieve symptoms better

than those containing hypertonic saline solution do. To be more specific,

the anti-inflammatory effects of pink salt make it a natural and

healthy alternative to treating nasal allergies and other respiratory disorders. In comparison,

nasal steroids have certain side effects, such as inflammation,

that can cause mucus to secrete. The minerals in this salt also help relieve swelling and congestion.

3. Maintain the body’s electrolyte balance

Generally, pink salt helps maintain the body’s electrolyte balance,

which is essential for maintaining proper blood composition and

circulation, muscle strength and overall body function. Minerals such

as potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium contribute to the body’s

electrolyte balance.

4. Treat acne

It’s good to know that pink salts are of sulfur, which helps cleanse and

heal the skin, such as dermatitis and acne.

5. Foot shooting relief (foot pain)

As a matter of fact, putting tired legs in the warm pink salt solution helps to

relax the muscles and relieves leg pain.

6. Regulate blood sugar

As you might know, pink salt helps maintain a balanced blood sugar level. It also reduces the body’s dependence on insulin to lower blood sugar.

7. Enhances restful sleep

Roughly speaking, pink salt bath has a calming, soothing and hypnotic effect. Therefore, it induces sufficient and deep sleep. It also keeps your body

hydrated by preventing the production of excess saliva,

which flows from your mouth during sleep.

8. Normal heartbeat

In fact, this type of salt helps maintain proper blood pressure levels

and normalizes irregular heartbeats. It also has important effects on

preventing a variety of heart disorders. To be more specific,

one of the properties of pink salt is to stimulate hair growth. Moreover,

salt massage helps to improve blood circulation, strengthens hair follicles,

and prevents hair loss.

9. Relieve muscle cramps

Simply, salt is useful in relieving muscle cramps and helps strengthen muscles. Essential minerals such as magnesium and potassium have

healing and rejuvenating abilities that make sea salt a natural pain reliever. Additionally, the osmotic effect of dissolved substances in the salt bath

prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body. This feature relieves

any stiffness and discomfort caused by muscle fatigue and stretching.

10. Eye care

Needless to mention that salt solution helps to take care of the eyes

and remove puffiness around tired eyes. In practice, they involve salt

compress in reducing dark circles around the eyes and sagging areas

under the eyes. Besides, it is effective for calming and relieving stress.

11. Reduce acidity

Pink salt helps to alkalize the body’s cells by facilitating the excretion

of excess acid in the urine. This helps maintain the body’s acid-base ratio. When the PH of the blood progresses to acidification,

it can upset the body’s natural balance and cause acute medical

conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

12. Therapeutic properties and cleansing

The electromagnetic energy around our bodies tends to absorb negative

energies and environmental pollutants. These energies can affect the health

and well-being of some people. In other words, we believe that baths rich

in salt have cleansing properties. Pink salt absorbs these types

of energies and causes the body to get rid of these substances.

Use of pink type of salts in cooking

In addition to all the above, this salt is valuable because of its distinctive

taste and is good for a variety of recipes, especially French and Thai cuisine. To put it differently,

this salt is a natural anti-allergy and is appropriate for curing asthma

and other allergic diseases. Pink salt also reduces the risk of infection

and contributes to strengthening the immune system. Besides, it is effective

in treating urticarial, skin rashes, and dandruff and hair loss. Generally,

this salt is a rich source of sodium but should be in moderation. Regardless of the type of salt,

consuming too much salt can cause diseases such as

inflammation or high blood pressure that increase the

risk of other types of diseases.

In sum, Himalayan salt is rich in minerals and has many health and

beauty benefits. This salt is pink due to its potassium, calcium and magnesium. Many people know this salt better than regular salt. As mentioned above,

we can use Himalayan salt in cooking.

13. Adjust skin pH

Adjusting the pH is one of the most significant properties of Himalayan salt for

the skin. Although washing the skin of the face with soap cleanses the skin,

soaps change the PH of the skin due to its alkalinity and purification of

the skin’s natural oils. This imbalance in PH causes redness, dry skin and wrinkles. As a result, Himalayan salt is rich in nutrients and minerals,

washing the face with this salt maintains the skin’s natural PH.