Infinity Nuts supplies popular Iranian dates with different qualities including A grade, B+++, and B. 

These dates can be supplied in several types of dates packages that you can read the details in their own page:

Mazafati dates
Fresh Mazaffati dates

Mazafati or Kimia originates from Bam. 5 kg and 7 kg cartons are its packing. This date can be placed in -5°C to +5°C storage.

Rabbi Dates
Fresh Rabbi dates

Rabbi or Pakistani source is Kerman. We supply it in 5 kg cartons. The temperature to keep Rabbi is in the range 0 to +5°C.

Shahani dates
Fresh Shahani dates

Shahani dates come from Jahrom. It is available in 2, 3 and 5KG packages. The temperature to maintain Shahani is -5 °C to +5 °C.

Zahedi dates
Fresh Zahedi dates

Zahedi or Ghasb origin is Fars. This date’s packing is 5kg carton. The temperature to keep this date is in the range +3°C to +8°C.